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October 18 is the Last Day to Register to Vote.  September 28 is National Voter Registration Day.  The LWVCA will be at the Bosler Library from 4 to 6 p.m. to register voters.

The Carlisle League hosted members of the Carlisle Truth and Reconciliation Commission at our annual meeting held on June 8.  The discussion was excellent and informative.  If you would like to view the recording, here is the link:

The Pennsylvania primary is May 18, 2021.  Bonnie Fowler, President of the Carlisle League of Women Voters submitted a Letter to the Editor.  The letter reminds citizens that there are four ballot initiatives, including 3 amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution and that all registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, are able to vote on these ballot questions.

Bonnie Fowler, the President of the Carlisle Area League of Women Voters had a guest editorial published in the Carlisle Sentinel on September 16, 2020.  Read a copy of the editorial here.  

On September 9, Pat Fox and Janis Ackerman registered voters at the Farmers on the Square in Carlisle. 

In the event that you missed the opportunity to view the August 25th webinar co-sponsored by the Carlisle League, we've been provided with a link to the recording.

The Pennsylvania Legislature is proposing an amendment to the Pennsylvania State Constitution.  On December 9, please join us, via Zoom, for a program presented by Professor Christine Hunter Kellett entitled "How We Amend Pennsylvania's Constitution and What's on the Horizon"  

House Bill  196 is a joint Resolution proposing integrated amendments to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, organizing the Judiciary into representative districts and further providing for residency requirements. is one of the proposed amendments and can be accessed here.

Senate Bill 1166 is a Joint Resolution proposing separate and distinct amendments to the Constitution of Pennsylvania, in declaration of rights, providing for prohibition against denial or abridgment of equality of rights because of race and ethnicity; in legislation, further providing for action on concurrent orders and resolutions; and, in the executive, providing for disaster emergency declaration and management and can be accessed here.

On December 9, 2020 League members and guests were privileged to listen to a presentation by Emeritus Professor of Dickinson Penn State School of Law, Christine Kellett, on the important topic entitled "How We Amend Pennsylvania's Constitution and What Is on the Horizon.:  If you were unable to attend or would like to listen again this is the zoom link:

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